LAD Interiors — Custom wallpaper for client 
LAD Interiors — Logo design, stationary, web banners 
LAD Interiors — A screenwriter from Hollywood wanted to display Elmore Leonard's "10 Rules for Good Writing" in his office. I designed the entire piece to fill one wall — including a space in the center for his flatscreen TV. The artwork was then applied directly to the wall with vinyl lettering.
When MAD Editor-In-Chief John Ficarra retired in 2018, several artists and staff memebers created original art to celebrate his significant career, one that spanned over 30 years. I created a piece based on the Justice League campaign that was omnipresent at the time, replacing the DC Comics iconography with images signigicant to MAD's history.
Promotional poster for MAD Editor Joe Raiola's comedy show
Kidvelope — Prototype designs for interactive, mail-order board games
Logo brainstorming for client
"Thank You" card for client 
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